Stéphane Gautier



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Stéphane Gautier

Stéphane Gautier took the bear as his totem, with the aim of resurrecting our childhood memories. To ensure the total empathy of his observer, he opted not for an ordinary bear but for a candy bear. A veritable Proust's madeleine, it is the universal conductor of our childhood emotions.

His art is constantly shifting. Shifting the object from one context to another, reinjecting the stereotypical symbols of childhood into an adult environment, he invites us to a deeper discussion of the means of representation, the effectiveness of advertising and propaganda, and the sacralization and misappropriation of childhood nostalgia.

Stéphane Gautier's language is singular, direct and effective. Neither really sculpture, nor photography, nor painting, his work lies at the subtle frontiers of each art form, and astonishes with its relevance.