Born in 1974

When you look at a Fred Alione painting, the first thing you notice is an interior scene in an apartment, a loft, a café, an artist's studio, with its sometimes designer, sometimes picturesque decor. Secondly, we notice the view, both charming and sensational, overlooking the rooftops of Paris, the bay of Miami, New York City...

Once the frame is in place, our eyes begin to focus on the details: works of art hanging on the wall or carelessly placed in a corner. But isn't this a masterpiece of Art History?

By recognizing a Gauguin, a Roy Lichtenstein or a Warhol, we have the impression of holding the key to reading Alione's work. All the details become winks, interlocking to tell us a story... or to let us imagine one. The painting becomes playful, and like a detective, our eyes are riveted to it to take our minds on a journey.

There are never any characters depicted, yet they are omnipresent. Empty glasses and bottles hint at the previous evening's drinking, a letter on the corner of a table or a train ticket feeding the fantasy of romance. There's a kind of intimacy in his work, as you find yourself plunged behind the scenes without really having been invited.

In terms of technique, Fred Alione likes to define himself as a "pressure artist", which means he uses the spray can as his main tool. Acrylics, oils and charcoal complete the rendering, defining and setting the elements. His style is a cross between graffiti and comics.

Since 2003, Fred Alione has been creating and exhibiting throughout the world. His unusual, joyful universe, full of anachronisms, makes us smile and awakens a certain nostalgia. Imbued with a contemporary dreamlike quality, each of his paintings skilfully blends humor and poetry.