Born in 1984 and 1987

Les 2G is the story of two cousins who grew up together in sunny Provence.

When they reached adulthood, they both took the entrepreneurial path: Olivier is an experienced ironworker and Xavier is a landscaper who runs his own business. If each excels in his own field, it's because the values inculcated in the 2G family lie in a taste for effort, a job well done, meticulousness and patience.

For almost 10 years, they built and built, growing both literally and figuratively, advancing and prospering in their respective fields. And so, as the years go by, the passion for their respective activities is still there, but their madness, their creativity so overflowing during childhood, has fallen asleep to the hum of everyday life.

Then comes that turning point in their lives when both are in search of meaning and renewal. Why not combine their ideas and talents to satisfy this creative urge? Through exchange and sharing, they came up with a project that resembled their own: liberating and fulfilling in its artistic, technical and complex realization.

After some procrastination, the 2Gs decided to go for it. And if they're going to be daring, they might as well give it their all. For over a year, they conceptualized, prototyped and perfected their skills and techniques.

The result is "Octavio", their first monumental sculpture: a life-size palm tree in galvanized steel, powder-coated in Majorelle blue. Each leaflet was made individually, folded and welded to form a palm. Each bark is attached to the trunk (stipe) and shimmers like a scale.

"Octavio" immediately transports us to an exotic paradise. Its exoticism leaves us dreaming, inspiring rest and relaxation. It's an ode to the good life.

The 2G have succeeded in their mad gamble: to create a unique sculpture symbolizing this quest for meaning, freedom, hedonism and escape, with exceptional quality and craftsmanship that propel them straight into the ranks of established sculptors.

The sculpture can be viewed in Aix-en-Provence by appointment.

Contact us to make an appointment: [email protected]