Géricho is a Toy Art photographer. He humanizes the object through photography, having fun confusing us and creating illusion.

The first step: hunting for figurines. A superhero and science fiction enthusiast, he's always on the lookout for miniatures featuring heroes from Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars.

Next, he has to find or create the right accessories at the right scale - the result has to be perfect!

The scenery is often found on the street. The staging is skilfully thought out and carefully arranged to draw out scenarios and retranscribe moments in life. When the photo is taken, nothing is retouched; it represents the moment. It freezes the inanimate, suggesting a world in motion. It becomes an alternative reality, humanizing the toy and attributing feelings to it.

The tone of Géricho's work is often humorous, sometimes ironic, sometimes committed. The artist is able to take us very far with tiny objects photographed on our doorsteps.