Bring art into your company

How do you invest in art today?

Awaken your inner art lover and combine tax savings with pleasure. We explain how you can benefit from this unexpected marriage!
Investing in art - Galerie Le Container

Beyond tax savings, the importance of investing in art for a company

Art in a company brings a number of positive aspects that you may not realize ...

Art is a formidable communication tool. It enhances the perception of the premises, asserts an identity, creates surprise and envy, and conveys a positive image of the company: well-groomed, young, dynamic, efficient, depending on the style of art chosen (for example, street art will tend to rejuvenate an image). It can also be used to promote corporate values.

Investing in art has both internal and external benefits.

Internal benefits: well-being within the company

It's a proven fact that working in a different, pleasant environment is beneficial for employees. Art plays an active role in their well-being.

It has become an indispensable tool for developing motivation, innovation, creativity and a sense of pride in belonging to a group. It's an escape for a few minutes a day, a source of open-mindedness and a subject for exchange.

Investing in art - Tim Bocage Little Sun 44x33cm
Investing in art - Galerie Le Container

External benefits: distinguish yourself through art for your customers

Investing in art conveys values and history. It has a positive impact on the relationship with visitors. Investing in art is a highly effective way of projecting a different image and making the most of your customer base.

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