Aurore Michel-Grégoire

Aurore Michel-Grégoire

Born in 1989

At first glance, Aurore Michel Grégoire's canvases evoke an almost Cartesian spirit: the composition is pure, geometric and the flat tints are executed to perfection. You get the impression that nothing escapes you, and above all, that nothing escapes her.

But it's a very different story. Each of Aurore's works conceals a dreamy thought, sometimes a little confused, linked to mysticism or even automatic gesture.

The themes addressed are vast and profound. The artist often questions our contemporary society with humor and finesse. She likes to reinterpret the great classics of Art History and transpose them to our own times.

Painting also allows her to express herself when words cannot. Indeed, when she tackles other themes, ask her why this color or that character, her lips will remain sealed if the inspiration comes straight from her secret garden.

Aurore likes to combine her contemporary style with a frame of antique gilding and scrolls. The contrast seems perfectly suited to the paradox of her works, which oscillate between rigor and sensitivity. The result is a daring blend of elegance.

Audacity, elegance... terms that fit both the works and the artist. With a semblance of ease, confidence and conviction, this self-taught Marseillaise decided to follow her instinct and passion in 2017. Since then, there's been no stopping her. She has broken down doors and climbed the arduous ladder of the artist's life with an ease and speed true to the charming hint of casualness that characterizes her. A girl power who dares to step out of the box and go beyond her limits.