Lise Gonthier

Lise Gonthier

Born in 1981

Lise lives and works in Beaucaire, Gard.

After studying at the Beaux-Arts, she discovered glass in a French crystal works. It was love at first sight for her, glass and the light that shines through it.

She then trained at the CERFAV (Centre Européen de Recherches et de Formations aux Arts Verriers). After several training courses in France and abroad, she opened her own studio in the south of France.

His technical mastery is astounding, and the result remarkable.

Lise succeeds in combining aestheticism and contemporaneity with an ancestral practice. She composes her paintings like a painting, playing with composition and line. By multiplying and declining a motif, she arrives at the desired format. The defined space plunges us into an aerial universe of gentle volumes and abstract curves.

There are three main stages in creating your paintings:

  • The production of sulfides (glass balls made entirely by hand). Each piece contains between 30 and 80 of them.
  • Each cold sulfide needs to be sawn and polished.
  • Assembling the part to be fused

Her "paintings of light", as she calls them, are poetic and romantic osmoses. They reveal all the sensuality of glass.

Works by Lise Gonthier are already on show in museums such as the Musée des Beaux-arts in Nancy, the Musée du Verre in Carmaux and the Halle du Verre in Claret.