Charlelie Couture

Charlelie Couture

Born in 1956

CharlElie Courture is a Franco-American visual artist and singer.

He studied at the Beaux-Arts de Nancy in the 1970s and now lives and works between Paris and New York.

CharlElie Couture's work is multidisciplinary. Known largely for his music - in addition to singing, he is an author and composer - CharlElie Couture also stands out for his work as a visual artist, multiplying the modes of creation. His canvases are encounters between painting and photography.

CharlElie is a musician, visual artist, photographer and painter. His aim is to bring mediums together to create a new form of expression.

Since 1976, the artist's work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions, in galleries from Paris to New York, in Switzerland and Belgium, and in cultural institutions.