Insects are often unloved creatures, yet they are essential to the ecosystem...

With his graffiti background, isn't this why the artist decided to make it his blaze? A blaze that sounds like a parallel between his two reasons for living: nature and street art, a movement that has been so disparaged since its inception, but is already so firmly rooted in the history of art!

L'Insecte is originally a hard-core graffiti artist, adept at typography and, more particularly, the old school letters of the 90s. He graffitied the streets, vacant lots, wastelands, abandoned houses... and discreetly affixed to his protest messages, we can decipher the tag "1sekte", the one he reserves for the street.

But L'Insecte is also a reference to nature, the very nature he loves to live in. Don't be fooled into thinking that graffiti is reserved for the big cities. Over the decades, it has crossed the fields and countryside to inspire, sublimate (vandalize?) even the smallest provincial railway station. Over time, wood has become his preferred material. Always recycled, he hunts, treats, sands and paints it.

L'Insecte is a blend of nature and hip-hop graffiti culture. It's graffitiing an owl on oak, drawing a bear with Posca, denouncing with the softness of the line and the brutality of the words. Because yes, L'Insecte denounces, and behind its pretty animals, warm colors and skilfully rhythmic compositions, the message is clear and speaks to all!