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Zeklo is a self-taught French artist from the graffiti movement. A traveler in his soul, he travels the world with his bomb and his pencil. On the walls or in his travel diary, his line is a real look at what surrounds him. His figurative and colorful works represent the daily life of those who cross his path. Contemplative, patient, he likes to show what the eye can not see, to concentrate on the details, to reveal their importance and their character, to discover the hidden face of each one. Zeklo internalizes the world to exteriorize it with his own subjectivity. His studio work allows him to mix different techniques and enhance other media (canvas, paper ...) other than the wall. Since the early 2000s, he travels the world and multiplies the appearances in France and abroad at official Street Art events (London, Copenhagen, Marrakech ...).

bientot de nouvelles oeuvres !

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